Frederik X ascends the throne of Denmark as Queen Margrethe II abdicates – News Update

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II has made history by formally abdicating the throne, becoming the first Danish monarch in almost 900 years to voluntarily relinquish power. The historic event took place at Christiansborg Palace, where massive crowds gathered outside to witness the occasion.

During a meeting with the government, Queen Margrethe signed her abdication, marking a significant moment in Danish history. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen then announced Frederik X as the new king from the palace balcony, to the cheers and singing of the national anthem by the crowd.

Frederik expressed his commitment to being a unifying leader and adopted the royal motto, “United, committed, for the kingdom of Denmark.” With Queen Margrethe’s abdication, Denmark now has two queens, as Margrethe will retain her title, while Frederik’s wife, Mary, becomes Queen Mary.

The announcement of Queen Margrethe’s abdication on New Year’s Eve surprised the nation. It deviated from the tradition of Danish monarchs serving until death, making it even more unexpected. The Danish public closely followed the abdication ceremony, with people gathering outside the parliament and many others watching live television broadcasts.

The significant event was not only celebrated within Denmark but also received congratulations from royals across Europe. UK King Charles III was among those who sent their well-wishes and expressed their commitment to maintaining strong ties.

Queen Margrethe’s abdication also marks a rare occurrence in Danish history. The last time a Danish monarch voluntarily resigned was in 1146. Interestingly, Margrethe abdicated on the same day she ascended the throne in 1972 after her father’s death.

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The new king, Frederik X, enjoys high popularity among the Danish public. According to a survey, 79% of respondents believe he is prepared to rule, while 83% believe his wife, Mary, is ready to assume the role of queen. Despite Denmark’s egalitarian principles, the royal family continues to be highly regarded, with a small anti-monarchist movement in the country.

The abdication of Queen Margrethe II will undoubtedly mark a significant chapter in Danish history. As Frederik X takes on his new role, he will strive to be a unifying force and continue to uphold the proud traditions of the monarchy.

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