Free version LastPass no longer secure password for phone and computer | Currently

The free version of LastPass password manager will not work on mobile and computer as of March 16th. Users have to choose the type of device they want to use Password Vault on. Anyone who wants to use LastPass on their smartphone or computer is required to have a paid subscription a company Tuesday.

Password managers are services that allow users to store their passwords in a secure digital vault. LastPass is one of the most popular providers, along with, for example, 1Password and Dashlane

In addition to secure storage, many password management providers also offer the option to copy and fill in passwords automatically on websites. This way, people can use a unique and complex password for each site without having to remember it.

The change from mid-March means LastPass will be less available for people who don’t pay for the service, but who use the vault on laptops and smartphones, for example.

They now have to choose whether their use is directed at computers (including desktop and laptop web browsers) or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches). Within these categories, people are still allowed to use an unlimited number of devices.

Paid subscription to LastPass costs € 34.80 per year. The company also offers family plans.

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