Free VPN Services: Do They Work?

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About 10% of the population of the Netherlands regularly use a VPN. The reasons vary from mandatory use when working from home to safety when connecting to public networks and of course to be able to watch more movies and series via streaming services.

As a nation, we are technologically advanced, but also frugal. We appreciated the free wifi in public areas, knowing that it’s not that secure. We’re excited to expand our streaming subscription so we can watch more without having to subscribe to multiple streaming services. But of course you don’t want to overpay for a VPN. Just: Does a free VPN work? Is it safe to have one free vpn to use?

Does Free VPN Work?
A free VPN connects to a VPN server and redirects all your internet traffic, just as a paid VPN does. However, the problem with most free VPN services is that there is very little bandwidth available and countless users. Server communication is often a problem during the day. If you can do that, there is a chance that your connection is too slow to do much. In addition, it regularly disconnects when it’s very busy.

Outside of peak hours, it will be much easier to get a working VPN connection with a VPN server. You can even listen to internet radio very early in the morning (or late at night), or maybe watch some videos. As long as it comes to short videos on the website at least. It is impossible to access the content of streaming services with a free VPN.

Streaming sites like HULU or Netflix and broadcasters like BBC block Users VPN and are very good at identifying free VPN users because they share many of the same IP addresses. With a free VPN, you get an error message and a request to try again without a VPN.

Is it safe to use a free VPN?
The sun shines for nothing, but very little in the world is truly free. So a free VPN also comes with caveats. Why do some VPN services offer free service? Some of the reasons are:

  • Free package to attract loyal customers who will later get a paid package
  • Free service in exchange for your data
  • A service paid for by advertisers

The last two reasons may be dangerous and are not the purpose of having a VPN. Since free VPNs do not work with streaming, privacy or security is the reason to use them. Thus, a free VPN service that uses your data for resale is useless. Fortunately, there are free VPN services out there of the first kind, and they are safe.

Top 3 Free VPN Services
A number of premium VPN services offer a free service in addition to their paid packages. Since they are already making enough money with their paid services, they can offer limited versions for free without violating your privacy. Although VPN services present their free package as a “human right”, they are mainly intended to attract customers, who will eventually pay if the free VPN proves to be too slow, limited or unstable.

  • AtlasVPN It has a free version that is just as fast as the paid versions. It only has 3 servers (2 in the US and 1 in the Netherlands) and has a data limit of 10GB.
  • hide me It offers a free connection to 5 servers, with limited speed and a data limit of 10GB.
  • Netherlands VPN Offers a free VPN, with which you can bypass Netflix VPN block. But with a data limit of 2GB per month, you won’t get very far.

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