French bury hatchet in champagne riots with Russia abroad

French champagne houses bury the hatchet with Russia, and will begin exporting champagne again to Russia from September 15.

The French ban came in response to a new Russian law. This states that the name of champagne – champanskoye in Russian – will henceforth be assigned to home-made champagne. Foreign sparkling wine – including French champagne – must be sold as sparkling wine.

Adherence refers to the fine print on the back of the bottle. Champagne, written in Latin letters, can still be used on the front.

sparkling wine

In protest, in July the French champagne houses announced a ban on the export of champagne to Russia. But according to the French Trade Journal land of wines The Professional Guild of Champagne Producers has now decided to lift the ban effective September 15th.

“Sparkling wine” will be printed on the back of the bottles in Russian, albeit with the indication that the wine comes from the French Champagne region.

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