French justice is investigating Macron’s campaign spending

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The French public prosecutor has launched an investigation into President Macron’s campaign spending. The investigation must show whether money spent on expensive advisers from US consulting firm McKinsey was handled fairly during the 2017 and 2022 presidential elections.

Following coverage in Le Parisien Justice in France confirms that it is investigating McKenzie’s role in the election campaigns. He did not mention Macron’s name or his party. Sitting presidents have immunity, meaning they cannot be sued.

France has strict rules regarding campaign spending. For example, presidential candidates are not allowed to spend unlimited money on their election campaigns. Among other things, it is now being investigated whether money that went to McKinsey’s advisers was accounted for.

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The DOJ is also looking into the possibility of favoring McKinsey over other consultancies in obtaining government contracts.

The French president has close ties to the company. He is a friend of the head of the department who advises the public sector. McKinsey personnel deployed during the 2017 campaign were later also assigned to the Elysee, the presidential palace.

Macron also has his own advisers

Mackenzie’s case is a sensitive issue in France. In March this year, just before the presidential elections, Macron was already under fire for the large sums his government spent on consulting firms. That while Macron already has a large group of advisers around him.

In its response, the Elysee says it is aware of the investigation and stresses the importance of an independent investigation.

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