French police are looking for tourists who stole jewelry after being tricked with paint | Abroad

Between August 17 and August 23, 2021, older victims were struck by a wandering gang of thieves mainly in the Languedoc, Roussillon, Bacca and Ronice-Alpes region, according to police investigations. The area is also popular with tourists.

Many of the victims were robbed on public roads of Rolex jewelry and luxury watches. But also other gold jewelry.

The perpetrators spoke with the victims and sprayed a green liquid on their clothes. Known theft technique. Then they expressed their concern and apologized profusely as they tried to wipe the clothes of their victims with a piece of cloth. Clever thieves took advantage of this opportunity to steal their jewels. When he noticed the victims, the robbers had already flown away.

victim of tourists

Since then, the French police have arrested the gang. Some of the loot has also been recovered. “Based on the official reports we put in, many of the victims have already received their jewels,” the gendarmerie said. But a number of jewels have not yet returned to their owners. We therefore invite persons who may be victims of theft in similar circumstances to declare themselves. There are also supposed to be aliens among them. The area is popular with Dutch tourists.

The trick with the liquid is well known, says a spokesperson for the Federal Police. “The perpetrators spit liquid, but they also use yogurt or other objects that are ‘accidentally’ dumped on the clothes of potential victims. The perpetrators then apologize and try to remove the stains themselves in order to steal the jewelry or wallet in one smooth motion.”

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Victims can contact the Gassin-Saint Tropez Police Department at 0033-0494979532.

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