French TV comes with a “weather forecast” for energy consumption: power cuts off at code red | Abroad

French TV comes up with a kind of “weather forecast” for the country’s energy consumption. This should encourage people to use less electricity during times of peak energy consumption.

Electricity weather forecast is already online and will soon appear as an application. The TV will soon be followed by icons that will appear on the screen.

on the private site Shows the map of France. Green, orange and red colors indicate normal, high or extreme energy consumption per hour. As with the normal weather forecast, energy consumption is also expected for the next three days.

Energy saving tips

If the area turns orange, the French are asked to take measures, for example, turn off the devices. The site contains a whole series of tips to save energy. With red, the power will go off if the French do nothing and save no power.

The site is an initiative of the French power grid operator RTE. Present the map in color in 2020. But only in recent days the site has gained immense popularity, due to the energy crisis. The French government has also publicly called on the public to monitor the site this winter.

“On some peak days, about 75,000 French people now visit our site,” a company spokesperson said. “160,000 French have already been registered.” The latter group receives advance warning from RTE via text message or email if power consumption is in the danger zone and action is needed.

Watch our videos about the energy crisis in the playlist below:

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