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cooking and eatingDue to its huge popularity, fried chicken has been given a special holiday in the United States: National Fried Chicken Day. On July 6th every year, this delicious piece of chicken is celebrated. With these tips you get very crispy chicken.

There are multiple ways to prepare fried chicken, says Danny Jansen, TV chef at 24Kitchen and cookbook author. delicious fat† Chicken thighs are usually the most tender part of the chicken. So those drumsticks are number one for preparing fried chicken. This part of the chicken can be a bit greasy.”

You can also use the breast, according to Jansen. “It’s a little thinner. You can make it more tender by soaking it in milk or acid. The acid breaks down the enzymes in the chicken.” Other options for using acid in the marinade include lemon, vinegar, and yogurt.

If you’re using chicken, make sure it’s organic chicken, says culinary author Janine Jansen, who specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Anyway, it should be a good chicken, and that’s the most important thing. I often use chicken legs, because they often do this with KFC. Personally, I prefer chicken thighs or chicken breasts. In this case I prefer to use chicken thighs, because chicken breasts are often a bit dry. Then you first beat an egg with a good sprinkle of milk or yogurt and then let it soak in for a while.”

Make your chicken extra crispy

According to Danny, you get crispy fried chicken by baking twice. I always put the chicken in cornstarch or potato starch first. Then you can add more flavor to it by seasoning. You can also flavor the starch with, for example, herbs or spices. They can burn while frying, so you have to be a little careful with that.”

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There are 101 ways to use the seasoning with fried chicken, but if you want to keep it simple, I like to use tarragon. Ras al-Hanout with lemon is also very tasty, then go a little that curry way.”

“After you fry for the first time, let the chicken dry out for a while,” Danny continues. The secret is to fry again afterwards, just like with french fries. This way the chicken stays crispy and you get a crunchy crunch, even if you put sauce on top of it. “

When Janine wants to make her chicken crispy, she uses a lot of flour first. Add 1 teaspoon of coriander powder, 1 teaspoon of chili powder, 1 teaspoon of dried sage, 2 tablespoons of paprika, 2 tablespoons of onion powder, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder, and a lot of black pepper. Mix well, then remove the chicken from the marinade and dip it in the flour mixture. Then let it “dry” for half an hour. This is necessary, because then the mixture will soak into the chicken a little. ”

Eat chicken with salad (or pancakes)

“If you eat fried chicken, you’ve had enough fried chicken, so I’ll serve it with a salad,” Janine says. Then it’s at least a bit healthy, which is her argument here. “Because I have to stick with my last.” Jansen and her sister make cookbooks only of Mediterranean dishes.

Add lots of veggies and make a delicious green salad, because nothing can go wrong with your plate. If you also fry the chicken in light olive oil and don’t let it burn, it’s still healthy from a health point of view.”

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Fried chicken also goes well with pancakes, according to Danny Janssen. This is a trend these days and it’s also incredibly delicious. I also love the fried chicken with ranch sauce. It is also possible to eat potatoes, but your chicken is already fried.”

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