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For many drivers this is the most important race of the season: their home race. By 2021, a total of fifteen drivers have driven the Home Grand Prix in their Formula 1 careers and four of them have even won this race.

Success on home soil

Lewis Hamilton currently holds the record for most wins at the Home Grand Prix. A seven-time champion, he has won the British Grand Prix at least eight times in his career. Fernando Alonso has won twice in Spain, while Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen have won once on home soil.

In addition, in 2021 only one driver will be on stage in his home country. That is, Sergio Perez, who finished third at the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix.

Lando Norris, Carlos Sains, Pierre Casley, Lance Stroll, Daniel Ricciardo and Antonio Giovinaci all scored in their home countries but did not make it to the podium. Ricciardo is the closest he has come to ending up on the Aussie stage at the Australian GB in 2014, but was later disqualified. Fourth place for his best home results.

Leclerc did not finish in Monaco

Particularly astonishing is Charles Lecklerk’s poor home record. Although he finished eighteenth in 2018, Monegasque did not officially finish in Monaco because there were only a few rounds left when he retired. Also, he retired after injury in 2019 and Leclerc did not start in 2021, although he took the pole position on Saturday.

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