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Harlemmermeer Due to the circumstances, Arlo returned asylum after the deposit. Arlo is a big but very friendly Mastin EspaƱol weighing no less than 59kg. Unfortunately, not much is known about Arlo’s background.

An SDO employee said, “It’s clear to us that this gentle giant did not learn much in his young life.” “Anyone familiar with Mastin knows that this dog makes great use of having a lot of space of his own. There he can monitor and protect the home, stove and livestock with the satisfaction of his heart in an honest way when necessary.”

Where the “average” Mastin may not be the most affectionate dog, Arlo shows the opposite. This Big Bear “demands” his well-deserved attention of people who (soon) have his heart. Many cattle and yard keepers love to live independently, with Mastin (and Arlo obviously prefers) this is a little different, they don’t like being out of touch and are often loyal followers in and around the home.

Arlo is a tough, strong boy who loves long walks. Although Arlo can and should learn a lot, it is important that her new owner is physically able to handle Arlo safely on a streak. Arlo is literally looking for a strong boss who can steer Arlo in the right direction with the velvet glove known for his sheer size. The velvet glove is not to be forgotten here. Arlo may be big and strong, but his soul is soft and fragile if not gently directed. Arlo shows in the shelter that he can steer well with the right impulse, like pulling the handlebar.

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It is important for the new owner to be aware of the fact that Arlo is very selective towards her peers. Therefore, it is not possible to walk in an area with loose runners without a muzzle. Arlo will not be put into a home with other dogs for this reason. ??

“So we are looking for an Arlo owner that matches the profile above. Additionally, it is important that the future living environment also corresponds to this. Think of a spacious enclosed garden / yard. We would prefer to see Arlo placement in a free / outdoor area. Obviously, Arlo is not in an apartment. Did Arlo’s story and look make your heart warm? Can you provide Arlo with a semi-serious job as a housekeeper and fireplace and also space for 59 pounds of dogs in front of the fireplace when the day ends? Then we would like to receive your email that contains your motivations and status Living and family at sdo @

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