“Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory” will still be available on Netflix

Good news for fans friends And the The Big Bang Theory. And, well, if it doubles a bit, it’s news for fans who began plunging into both series at a brisk pace in September. The series will not be leaving Netflix at this time.

The whole month of September got those who wanted to watch sitcoms on Netflix friends or The Big Bang Theory The disturbing report that September 30, 2022 was the last day you could still watch the series. The second popular series will disappear from Netflix on October 1, 2022. However, both are still viewable.

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You may have already noticed in recent days that the series can still be found on Netflix. So this does not concern youthe chosenOr you managed to bypass the system. All Netflix users in Flanders can still continue watching without being disturbed friends And the The Big Bang Theory.

Standard He contacted Netflix and learned that there are currently no plans to remove the sitcoms from the catalog. There is no expiration date for friends in Flanders”.


He disappeared in several other countries friends And the The Big Bang Theory Definitely from Netflix. That was related to the arrival of the streaming service HBO Max. He owns the rights to the sitcoms from Warner Bros. , which has not been available on Netflix in the US and many other countries for a long time.

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With us, you can’t use the HBO Max streaming service just yet. However, some HBO titles can be found on Streamz, just think about it Game of thronesspin off Dragon House And the trance. But the broadcast rights to the sitcoms are from Warner Bros. It was not purchased by Streamz, so it will remain on Netflix for now.

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