Friends will continue to appear on Netflix

“It has no expiration date friends In Flanders ”, confirms Netflix. Contrary to previous reports, the popular sitcom is not disappearing from the platform at the moment.

Confusion surrounding the disappearance of sitcoms friends And The Big Bang Theory It originated on the same platform as Netflix. A few weeks ago, there was a tentative message that sitcoms would disappear from the platform from October 1st. There was some panic on the Internet at the time. But that message turned out to be false, because the series can still be watched on Netflix. The broadcast platform confirmed on standard There is no scheduled end date for the series.

The sitcoms are not Netflix Originals, but they are in the Warner Bros. portfolio. , the subsidiary of the streaming service HBO Max. In many places, HBO Max and Netflix are competing with each other. Because friends It’s still hugely popular after all these years, including among young adults, and Warner has gradually removed the series from Netflix, each time HBO Max launches as a separate streaming service in a country or territory. In Flanders, this streaming service is still not available separately.

has Streamz deal with HBO It is part of their series. This sometimes causes complicated situations. For example, the Flemish Broadcasting Service does not have the rights to broadcast the sitcom friendsbut from the reunion episode that was made last year.

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