From 2023, you will not be able to share your account

It’s been coming for a long time: Netflix is ​​removing the option to share an account. How will the streaming service verify this?

Read on after the announcement.

Stop sharing passwords starting in 2023

Do you share your Netflix account with anyone? So you are not alone, because Account sharing has become a growing problem for Netflix. The streaming platform saw its subscribers drop this year for the first time in ten years. It’s time for Netflix to take action.

The company will do this from the beginning of next year: it will gradually no longer be possible to share one account from different addresses, unless you pay extra. But how will Netflix handle this?

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This is how Netflix knows you’re sharing your account

Netflix has been testing several ways to check if someone is sharing their account over the past few years. The company will check if you have shared your password with someone based on your IP address, device ID, and activity on your account. Is this the case? Then you have to pay over next year.

The new Netflix measures only apply if you share your account with people who don’t live at the same address. Do you share the account with your roommates or your family at the same address? Then no problem and you can continue watching on multiple screens within the same house. If you don’t live at the same address, there is a problem.

Password sharing: additional payment from 2023

If you still want to share your password next year, Netflix will charge an additional monthly fee for each person you share your account with. This will be around 3 euros per month. You then have to share the verification code each time with the person you share the account with. Netflix will continue to require this code until the additional monthly fee is paid.

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This change is expected to be gradually rolled out in 2023 so that users are not immediately put off. In addition, the platform offers a cheaper subscription of $6.99 in the US, which is also likely to launch in the Netherlands.

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End of Account Sharing: Cashing out for Netflix

The end of Netflix account sharing is of course a very smart move for the streaming platform from a financial standpoint. according to Research conducted by the American research firm Magid A third of all Netflix users worldwide share their account with at least one other person.

It’s about 222 million households that share their password with 100 million other households. If those 100 million households had to pay for Netflix starting next year, the company would have a huge boost in paying subscribers. So that amount will be cashed out from Netflix next year. Anyway, we’re curious when we actually notice something of this development.

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