From a distance: true wireless charging is coming

The company promises to do so in one Press release. Mi Air Charge technology, for example, can be hidden in a piece of furniture that powers smartphones in the range.

With this, Xiaomi wants to make living rooms “truly wireless”. Wireless chargers do exist, but they only run a few centimeters away. As a result, the phone should always remain on top.

Wireless charger can detect where the device is in a room and then directly send power to it. The phone must have a special antenna to properly receive charging.

5 watts

Xiaomi’s technology doesn’t charge very quickly: the connection can send up to 5 watts to the device. But since this can also be done while using a phone, this may be sufficient to use your smartphone constantly indoors.

Xiaomi has yet to reveal plans to sell the charger. It is currently a new technology that could be used in the “near future”. Then it should also work with devices like speakers, lights, and smart watches.


More manufacturers are working on new ways to charge devices over greater distances. Motorola has a Friday in a demonstration video Phones It can be charged wirelessly at a distance of about 1 meter from a small charging station.

In the video, a Motorola employee holds his hand in front of the device to demonstrate that this has no effect on wireless charging. Details about the technology, Motorola One Hyper, have yet to be revealed by the company.

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