From cool spaces to a cozy two-poster attic

1 attic, 2 positions

Patrick and interior designer Luca created two different spaces with a room divider. This is only a bit rougher than what we saw earlier in the season.

Patrick also made a long desk that spans the entire width of the room. This way you have enough space to work and store things. It is an elegant piece of furniture with an interesting touch due to the wooden trunk underneath.

Attractive on the wall

For the guest zone, it is important that nieces grow with the interior. This is why Luka chose a combination of brown and green tones in the palette. In doing so, it should Photo wallpaper on the wall as a starting point. This gives a very playful effect to the room.

He. She Wall paper It stands out even more because of the menu that Luca puts around it. Provides more depth in the attic.

We work in different colors and layers. For example, decorative pillows on the bed complement the room, and the prints give the whole thing a bit of spunk.

The DIY team managed to turn a cold attic into a warm and cozy place, with two functions. Nancy can do well there while the sons on the other side can let off steam in the guest area.

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