From echo and colorless space to modern living room with atmosphere

An old-fashioned brown wall?

Furnishing the house attractively and without resonance was the wish of the couple. Moreover, they are open to everything, but they have no idea where to start. The walls are still white a year later, while color was really the goal.

Patrick will be working with interior designer Jasper. Earthy and brown colors will be used in the living room. This may seem old-fashioned at first, but it can be completely modernized by adding black and abstract shapes.

Patrick works with a room divider to break through the long wall, but also to tackle the problem of acoustics. In addition, artworks will be hung on the wall to absorb sound through the painting. The aluminum frame also makes it easy to replace the fabric with another.

Clean lines and graphics

The long wall in the living room will become more interesting with the help of graphic figures. If you are going to work with this, it is important that the lines are drawn clearly. It is best to use a laser level for this. This is positioned aligned with the door frame, so you immediately see this clean line when you enter the room.

advice: If you start painting your walls two colors, start with a lighter color first and then go over them with a darker color. Because if you start in the dark, you will always see it through.

Stylish room divider with fireplace

The room divider works perfectly for dividing the room into different zones. The acoustics will also be much better. Patrick gives this an elegant touch by adding an electric fireplace. There are also some transparent compartments, so that the furniture does not seem too bulky.

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Since the cabinet will be black, it is helpful if the base material is also black. A full-color MDF board is used for this. So the core is also black.

It is necessary to make a drawing of the interior first, because a large piece of masonry will have to be taken out for the stove. Patrick will use beams and planks to create durability.

The base frame is set on sturdy, adjustable feet to allow for perfect cabinet adjustment. These are available in different types. This way you have very thin feet that are adjustable for that sturdy foot. These are also often used for kitchen cabinets.

Patrick uses a jigsaw to cut the panels. You can get a good stack by spreading out as many pieces as possible from one sheet of paper. The picture saw has several positions from zero to three, and the further left you turn, the larger the stroke.

For example, if you set the setting to three, the saw will blitz. At zero, the saw only moves from top to bottom. This is especially useful if you want to follow a line exactly, because it won’t bounce over the wood. Other positions are mainly used for coarse wood, beam or plank that must be cut in half at the same speed.

The screws are positioned inside the crossbar so that you cannot see them from the outside. By applying two miter corners, it becomes a tight corner and the outer panel can be neatly glued to the sides.

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advice: Remove traces of glue immediately with a damp cloth! Then you don’t have to paint it again later.

Before installing the stove, carefully read the technical description. It shows exactly how deep, how wide and how high the hole is.

all cool abstract

Jasper creates a wall art to bring the graphic motifs back inside. The following materials are used for this:

  • few slices
  • Elongated piece of cloth (old)
  • hide
  • verstekzaag
  • fee

He saw the slides in different graphic shapes and then glued them together. Make some small windows and large windows to create depth. Then he paints them black.

He also scrubs some old vases with paint and baking soda. The more soda you add, the rougher the structure will become and fit perfectly into the style of your new living room!

deep wall cabinet

The graphic lines are continuous on the opposite wall. Patrick is making a wall cabinet out of MDF again. The depth of the bottom is 40 cm, so that equipment for the TV can also be stored there. The depth of the rest will be 30 cm, which will give you a deep and beautiful wall cabinet.

Now some atmosphere!

Now that the long space is nicely divided, it’s good to create different small seating areas. You make comfortable corners this way and you don’t need a lot of stuff for this! Put a nice chair and coffee table in while you’re at it.

In the living room of Stephanie and Gerard, the fun is back! But do they like the same atmosphere, too? And most importantly, will the echo go away?

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