From Europe to the United States: How soon will economies recover?

In these European countries, unemployment was partially curtailed due to wage support for companies, but the exact terms of that wage support vary from country to country. “In the Netherlands, employees who are paid through wage support receive their full salary,” says Wizefelors. “A Spaniard only gets 70 percent, which makes a difference in recovering the economy because these Spaniards have less money to spend.”

Consumer spending, among other things, will help the global economy recover in the future. It acts as a kind of sum: the more we spend, the more revenue-generating companies can make, the more investment can be made to produce more, which ultimately makes the economy grow faster – that’s the idea.

Wizfelors is confident of reviving the economy in the Netherlands, and to some extent we are in places where we can spend money again and again. It can be seen in the map below. “We’m still going to cinemas, shopping centers and restaurants less than before the crisis, but you’ll see a clear recovery from mid – April. This information is only about a very short time, but I expect it to continue.”

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