From fishing to a fifteen-room hotel: ‘Aren’t you crazy?’

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A Belgian couple enters the lobby and is given the key to their room. Job Klizn: “It’s fun to get people. Comey got used to it because she worked in a camp. It’s new to me, but you have to be fairly social to do it.” Until recently, Jab was a fisherman. He traveled at sea for at least 37 years. Now he works on the shore.

“Aren’t you crazy?”

“Actually we wanted to start a bed and breakfast at our house in Ouddorp, but it turned out hard. Eventually we looked around and saw this. At first I said to Komi: ‘You’ re not crazy! The hotel has fifteen rooms. If you’re really looking for B&B it’s too much, but we still liked it, then it went fast. We saw it twice, signed it on September 1st, and the first guests arrived in the afternoon. “

Schoondijke is close to Brescens so the water is not too far away. As he gazes at Job Breskens’ almost deserted harbor, he thinks of his old job: “It’s always fascinating. The smell of the sea is enjoyable. But I do not think I will miss the boat ride. My family always had to do without me. I don’t like it anymore. I need more quality life and more time at home. I have it now. “

Free life

Still, there will be moments missed by Jab Kligen: “Sometimes you just sit on the ship and look at the horizon. Then there’s nothing but water. It’s so beautiful. Of course it’s a very independent life with the nature around you. I talk a lot. It’s a little used. ”

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