From the Keys to Orange: Priscilla de Vos on her career

(Photo: Robert Beurs) A bi-weekly podcast about girls playing soccer in and around Leiden. In ‘Trudy’s Vrouwenhoek’ Trudy Kwik talks to footballers, coaches, team members, the ‘girl behind the scenes’ and more. Key City publishes podcasts as a media partner of Leiden Amateur Football.

Priscilla de Vos (36) now plays Premier League Futsal at ZVV Den Haag and has had a great football career. She started playing soccer at De Schluedels in Leiden as a 5-year-old girl, and at 12 at UVS. There he was scouted for various KNVB selections, he started playing at the highest (then amateur) level in the Netherlands, he ended up in the Eredivisie and the Dutch national team, and he even made a trip to New Zealand.

It certainly didn’t go without a hitch. At times, according to the coaches, she was too stubborn, too big-mouthed or too cranky. That didn’t always work out in de Vos’s favor. Sometimes people wonder if she made the most of her life, but the Leiden woman couldn’t and wouldn’t have had it any other way. “I crossed everything off my bucket list.”

In the podcast, Kwik and De Vos talk about the rise of professional women’s football: what was it like to combine a study with sport, what about the fees, what was it like for women to play in the cherry version of the Eredivisie? De Vos shares her experiences with top coaches Sarina Weikman and Vera Pau and talks about the end of her career.


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