From the philatelic garden to the elegant New York park

The couple are not satisfied with the appearance of their garden. It is small, flawless and flawless. They want a mix of modern, chic and green. They also want a nice place to sit and are looking for a practical solution for their litter box. Because that’s ugly to the eye, especially in such a small garden. In addition, the fence is rather dilapidated and there is a large bush that has fully grown in it. They can both walk away from Mandy and Jost. Tom and the team will be working on the Alkmaar park.

New tiles for a calm atmosphere

The tiles in the small garden were too small, which caused a lot of joints. consequence? Troubled atmosphere. So Tom replaced the old, small tiles with larger, lighter tiles. Because these are a little lighter in color and there are far fewer joints, the garden immediately gets a calmer, more modern look.

gate and fence

The old fence was very dilapidated and the gate was next to the garden. For the new fence, Tom chose to place the gate in the middle of the garden.

The fence posts are made of Douglas wood. It cannot go directly to the ground, because it will then be damaged by moisture and air. That’s why Tom first treated them with an above-ground rubber stamp.

Tom secured the shaft where the gate will be attached to the concrete. This way he can make sure the pole stays standing and won’t sag. Tom made the fence from thin vertical strips with a small space between them.

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New York Chic

to the real garden New York Chic To have a look at it, Tom also placed slides on the stone wall. To do this, he first hit the horizontal sheets on the wall with a concrete drill and hammer plugs. He put a black cloth on it, so that a nice contrast is created. In addition, it provides an additional spatial feel. Vertical strips were placed opposite this, with a small space between them each time. These are the same slats that make up the fence. In the middle of the wall, Tom left room for the lounge sofa.

Click Convert

The trash can’t be left on the street with Mandy and Just, and therefore has to be kept in the backyard. But this click is not the most beautiful addition to the garden. This is why Tom made a small transformation of it in the corner of the garden, just in the style of the rest of the fence and benches.


Tom has made a number of planters in the garden. We used concrete plywood for this. These are hardwood panels with a protective layer over them. This protects the wood from moisture. In this case, the layer is black, matching the black underlayment of the fence. Because here, too, the planters are lined with vertical strips that are repeated throughout the garden.

custom sofa

As Mandy and Joost pointed out, they really wanted a seating area to sit in the garden. That’s why Tom made a bench made specifically for the garden. The bench is set against the wall between the planters and has the same elegant New York style that Tom continues throughout the garden. Instead of vertical slats, the seat was made of horizontal slats to break up the pattern a bit.

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Of course, there are no missing plants in the garden. Therefore, Tom filled the farmers with many different green plants. One such plant is black bamboo, or Phyllostachys nigra. This type of bamboo has black stems that contrast beautifully with the beautiful green leaves.

Tom also planted a finger plant in the garden. The spider web Fatsia japonica is a special species due to the white spots on the leaf.

To add some flowers to the garden, Tom chose Armeria maritima, or English lawn. These are thin stems up to 20 cm high with light, cheerful flowers on top.

“I’m nervous now yeah”

Before Mandy and Juste enter the park, Tom asks how they are doing. “I’m nervous now, yeah,” Jost says. But when we finally got to see their new garden, they both couldn’t stop smiling. “You guys!” Mandy exclaims happily. So again a successful project!

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