From this date, there will be a cheaper subscription with Netflix

Netflix comes with a cheaper subscription! You have to give something up for that, because then you will see ads during movies and series. With the budget option, the streaming service hopes that new subscribers will be added.

Basic with ads It will cost $7 per month in the US, which is $3 less than a regular basic subscription. In Germany costs Basic with ads 5 euros per month, while the regular basic option costs 8 euros.


How exactly does this work? Hourly “4 to 5 minutes” commercials are played. Commercials are not long, between 15 and 30 seconds, and are played before and during a movie or series. a bit like youtube advertisements So.

less content

As with regular basic subscriptions, you can only watch one thing at a time and HD picture quality is available Out of bounds. Also, the option to download movies and series is not present. Another drawback: There are fewer movies and series that are streamed. He. She Basic with adsSubscribing simply doesn’t save Netflix enough to pay for some of the more expensive movies or series. Netflix is ​​making more and more content available in the near future.

so sad

The new subscription will be launched from November 3. But, the bad news, the option is not yet available in the Netherlands. In addition to the United States and Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and six other countries will be able to use it Basic with ads. For those of us who also want to watch the most popular series and movies on a lower budget, we hope the subscription comes to Holland soon!

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Source: RTL News | Photo: Keeping Up With The Kardashian Family

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