From which films and series do you know Gina Ortega (Wednesday) the most?

From which movies and series do we already know Wednesday star Gina Ortega the most?

We recently saw Gina Ortega co-star in Wednesdaybut this was only the first role for this twenty-year-old American actress.

Gina Ortega’s career began at the age of 10, when she appeared in the series rob She appears as a girl in the episode “The Baby Bug”. It seems she was famous, because many successes quickly followed.

Jenna Ortega’s career so far

Since then, we’ve seen Ortega in about as many movies as TV shows, whose names might not mean much to all of you. However, some films stand out.

She played the Vice President’s daughter Iron Man 3 As her first movie role. In the ensuing years, she has acted in films like Insidious: Chapter 2, After Words, Yes Today, Falling, Screaming And Studio 666. She is also on the list of upcoming movies Sixth Screaming, Sweetest Baby, Miller Girl And Winter, spring, summer or fall.

She certainly wasn’t idle in the TV series business. That’s how we saw it Days of Our Lives, Jane the Virgin, Stuck in the Middle, Elena of Avalor, Big City Greens, You, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous And of course in recent times Wednesday.

All this and more at the age of only twenty. So pretty, which no doubt means we’ll be seeing a lot more of her acting for decades to come. And it can only get better!

Wednesday It can now be seen at Netflix.

trailer from Sixth scream, which will also feature Gina Ortega, was recently released. Check it out here!

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