Frustrated Trump met Pence before the holiday break

The debate was ultimately “completely unrelated” to the tweet, said someone familiar with the matter, noting whether the issue, which was approved by Congress on Jan. 6, had arisen. The two went on vacation in separate ways.

On Wednesday evening, as he flew to Florida for his vacation, Trump refused to acknowledge the January 6 election college results to Pence, one of his supporters – even though his imagination was completely captured.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was with Trump in Air Force One. Giuliani joins Trump in his Mar-e-Lago garden for the holidays, where men are expected to discuss their election efforts.

Trump, who arrived at his golf club on Thursday afternoon, received a warm welcome from members and promised to continue fighting to thwart the election, said someone familiar with the matter.

“He is very determined to continue to fight for election college,” the man said. “He thinks it’s not over yet.”

Later, he tweeted Christmas Eve tweet grievances, in which the Senate aimed at Republicans, who said, “I will never forget! He sees them abandoned.

Trump was ‘confused’ about Pence’s role

Trump is showing erratic behavior in the final days

Trump had recently told the public that Pence was not good enough to fight for him once his presidency was over, and has recently expressed interest in Pence’s traditional role during the certification. As chairman of the Senate, Benz presides over the proceedings.

Trump has recently brought the matter to the attention of the vice president, with sources saying he is “confused” as to why Pence could not overturn the January 6 election results.

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Benz and White House aides tried to explain to him that his role was a formality, and that he could not unilaterally reject the Electoral College vote.

Traditionally, the vice president holds the election ballot certificate, but that is not required. In 1969, then-Vice President Hubert Humphrey lost the presidential election to Richard Nixon and did not lead the process. Instead he presided over the Senate pro-presidential period.

A constituency close to Pence, the Republican sen. Chuck Crosley – the current pro-presidential interim – said being there on Jan. 6 to replace Pence was not considered a good choice.

On Tuesday, Pence spoke with a group of young conservatives in Florida, but did not directly mention his upcoming role. Instead he told the crowd that “they will continue to fight until every legal vote is counted” and that “every illegal vote will be expelled” as he continues to run in the White House election.

“Stay in the fight for electoral unity. Strive to defend everything we have done,” he said.

Earlier this week, Pence joined a meeting between Trump and a substantial group of House Conservatives to discuss the long-running attempt to overturn the January election results.

The debate centered on Trump’s unsubstantiated claims and conspiracies that the election was stolen from him, participants said, and lawmakers were optimistic that there would be a group of House and Senate Republicans who would join the effort to trigger a marathon debate on the ground until Jan. 7, which spreads until Jan. 7.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, a Republican who spearheads the effort, said Benz attended “different parts of the meeting.”

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“I believe we have a lot of senators, but it’s not a question of how many there are,” Brooks said. Force them to vote politically toxic against Trump.

Brooks told CNN on Monday night that he was seeking to challenge the election in at least six war states, adding that he would coordinate “more than 72” five-minute speeches made by GOP lawmakers that day.

“This is a remarkable task,” he said.

The attempt failed, but the Senate will create a scenario that GOP leaders want to avoid. If a councilor and a senator oppose the decisions of the six states, it will lead to at least 12 hours of debate, in addition to the voting time in each movement, which will continue until the next day.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond contributed to this report.

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