Frustration in Germany after Eurovision Song Contest ‘failure’ –

BERLIN (ANP) – German media on Sunday reacted with dismay after losing the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Germany finished last for the second year in a row with Lord of the Lost Rockers. Bild newspaper headlined “Oh Lord, wir sind lost” (Oh Lord, we are lost).

Host Barbara Schoenberger tried to put a positive spin on the debacle with a gallows joke, the newspaper writes. He noted that Germany scored three times as many points as it did a year ago. Then the Germans were last with 6 points. According to Bild, the rest of Europe seems to have forgotten about the Germans when it comes to awarding points.

Dagblatt Stuttgarter Zeitung talks about the “failure” for Lord of the Lost. According to the newspaper, the result is causing confusion and frustration among German-speaking Twitter users. Although there is still room for humor, they sometimes find the ending too unfair. For example, one suggested sending controversial schlager singer Michael Vendler to Europe for the next edition to ‘revenge’.


The Netherlands were already out in the first semi-final with Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper. Ultimately, many Dutch people missed the German defeat in the final. It drew an average of 1.84 million viewers in the Netherlands, making it the worst watched song festival in ten years.

Elsewhere the festival attracted much attention. In the host country, the United Kingdom, the number of viewers rose to 11 million. According to the BBC, this is a record viewing figure for the event.

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