Funny science at the Nobel Prizes.

At the first romantic encounter, a small gesture or facial expression can be a must. Is the smile back? Do looks converge or avoid each other? Lovers try to read from this whether there is a click. Forget it, discovered a group of psychologists from Leiden University. These kinds of signs say absolutely nothing about whether things will work out. Who’s on first date If you want to measure if there is music on the spot, it is best to bring some measuring tools. For example, in pairs that fit together, hearts quickly begin to beat synchronously.

Their study has gone somewhat unnoticed in the past year, but now the researchers have earned recognition. On Thursday evening (US time), they received the Ig Nobel Prize in Applied Cardiology in Boston, an award given since 1990 for research that “makes you laugh and then makes you think.”

Dutch in awards

The residents of Leiden weren’t the only Dutch people who came to the spotlight in Boston. For example, researchers from various Dutch universities have been honored for developing an algorithm to determine when you can lie and when you should not lie when gossiping. The now emeritus professor of pharmacology from Nijmegen received an award for his 1985 thesis, in which he studied, among other things, antique pottery from the Mayan culture depicting rituals using an enema.

The winners received a 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollar banknote and a paper cogwheel with pictures of human teeth that they were allowed to fold themselves. In short, it was an old-fashioned trump last night in Boston.

Success is a coincidence

However, there was also that dangerous abode. Not only was this evident by the presence of eight real Nobel Prize winners; Some of the studies were already thought provoking. For example, Italian economists demonstrated mathematically that success is rarely a matter of personal advantage, but is often a matter of luck. The separation of the world’s rich and poor is better explained by chance than by talent distribution.

And why is it always so difficult to read official documents? Because the argument often has to be legally final. British linguists were concluded by the Netes after they made all kinds of contracts totaling ten million words. They are very incomprehensible due to the unnecessary use of terms, due to the numerous constructions of pliers and the negative form in which everything is expressed. They wrote that you might think lawyers are using abracadabra on purpose.

The other winners

Swede Magnus Jeans, who designed a moose doll to test car crashes

A group of physicists studied how baby ducks swim in the formation of their mother’s dimension

Japanese engineers have determined how many fingers you need to operate small or large rotary knobs

Brazilian biologists who have discovered how constipation affects scorpions’ mating chances

Polish doctors who have shown that you can also combat the burning effect that some chemical drinks can cause in the mouth with ice cream

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In Boston, the Nobel Committee unveiled the science. But with a serious undertone.

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