Fusion in the world of canoe. I’m for. Column Arno van Gerven.

Listen. This is the case. The case of the boat. There are two associations in the same city and in the same neighborhood that are merged. One association is affiliated with the Tourist Boating Association of the Netherlands (TKBN) and the other is affiliated with the Royal Dutch Water Sports Association (KNWV). The merger creates an attractive new union that can offer more benefits by joining forces. Good news for members. But now it comes. Who will join the new boat club? Is this in TKBN or KNWV? Both regulations state the following: You can become a member of our association only if you have registered all the members of the association. Not just a part. So this is a choice. As a result, some members will be dissatisfied because they once consciously chose membership for the TKBN or KNWV. If you are a convinced NRC reader, as this is what is most useful to you, you are not waiting for someone to decide for you that from now on you can get your news from Volkskrant.

That’s why today, with Ab Reinders, a board member of KNWV canoeing, I spoke with the managers of the Rotterdamsche Cano Club (RCC) and the Kralingse Cano Ever Club. By the way, great name, but that’s an aside. I talked to them about a possible solution, because I welcome the merger of clubs. The world is turned upside down because we face them with a dilemma. After all, associations can’t help that there are two associations that actually represent the same interest: the Canoe Association. Now there will be differences between TKBN and KNWV, one allegedly having a greater interest in recreational sports and the other focusing more on sports, but canoe scientists are far from agreeing on this. not necessary. In my view, it is strange that two overarching organizations are needed to serve the interests of the canoe. Nonsense. Together you are much stronger. But the Dutch person has an annoying tendency to create something themselves if something is not right. See Parliament. You can see all of these parties as an advantage. The more variety the better, everyone has a voice, but moderator Mariette Hammer will have different ideas about that.

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Since issues like this will occur quite often, a tailored solution for two Rotterdam assemblies is easier said than done. Because of the precedent he will set, unnecessary energy will flow towards the mix of agreements. In this sense, there is only one real solution: a merger between the two unions. We must go for it, and it will benefit all members.


Arno van Gerven is the Director of the Royal Dutch Aquatics Association. Each week it discusses current topics in water sports. Do you want to reply? Do so at [email protected]

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