G.P. about the secret vaccine.

In Stafford’s biblical community, the ban on vaccines is even better. “I have patients who want to be vaccinated, but are afraid of social judgment, so I’m going to secretly vaccinate their home soon,” Reza Bezeshki Nia told the newspaper last weekend. The news was picked up by several media outlets and Bezoski has been getting a lot of questions about it. Unfairly, he says.

‘Quote is invalid’

According to Reza Bezeski Nia, that quote is incorrect. “I have said that people should be vaccinated anonymously if they do not want to disclose their personal data to the government. New unrest has now arisen because the journalist did it ‘secretly’ and I am sorry for that.”

The general coach from Rouen wants to explain it again. Besheshki says he hears arguments every day that many of the residents of Stafford do not trust the government.

According to him, many people like the vaccine, but they do not want it to be known. “The community does not want them to know about this or the government agencies want to know who has the vaccine and who does not.”

‘Is anonymous vaccine possible?’

Reza Pezeshki Nia has asked GGD IJsselland if it is possible to get vaccinated without recording the details of the person being vaccinated. “I want to follow the law, so I need to know if anonymous vaccination is possible. If it is not allowed, it will be discontinued. But if GGD allows anonymous vaccination, I can help a lot of people in this municipality.”

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“Everyone can come”

Bejeshki Nia has now agreed with the GGT that an additional vaccination round will be arranged next Tuesday. GP was able to make it clear to GGD IJsselland that a lot could be gained by anonymous injection. “You are welcome without a meeting and personal data is not recorded. Anyone who wants can come.” An additional vaccination round was added at the request of the General Practitioner and will take place on November 2 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Correctional Service Building in Rouen.

In addition, there is another small group in Stafford and Rouen, who suspect that the vaccine is not really an option for them. “Those people are scared and even though anonymous vaccination is possible, I can’t believe its necessity.” The general coach from Rouen is appealing to the Hague government specifically for this team.

“Government, do something about it!”

Pesheshki wants to advise the government to contact Nia residents. According to him, it is the government’s job to negotiate a return to trust. “Invest in good communication. Ask yourself why people do not trust you. Even as a small group, it is important to keep an eye on each other. So the government, do something about this.” GB is surprised that The Hague has not started ringing an hour.

Meanwhile, Reza Bejeshki Nia has been hand and foot tied in the church village. “Secretly, I did not do it because I have to follow the law. But if I could administer the vaccine anonymously, many residents would be helped, but the whole community would be safe.”

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