“Gaming companies are evolving into segments”

Thanks to lockdowns and the closing of all non-essential stores and establishments, we’ve been dependent on our home for nearly two years. As a result, the landscape (media) has changed dramatically: we’re streaming and playing more than ever, and we’ve also invested heavily in making our homes smarter.

In recent months, attention has mainly focused on the battle between online video services such as HBO Max and Viaplay, but the developments related to gaming are more interesting. Game companies are evolving into vertical segments. Video services in their own way, too.

It was a conclusion to a dedicated schedule at the annual Telecompaper Conference in Bossum, which featured Coen Shoppers (Queens, TEDx speaker), Kenny Hendricks (Telenet), Ton Koonen (TUe professor) and Niels Baas (NLziet).

Baas is not yet affected by Netflix’s recent gaming activities, which currently do not go beyond offering mobile games outside of the private app, “but I can understand why they’re getting into it,” says Bass. “You can make better use of your intellectual property by developing a game that revolves around a chain.”

Belgium’s Telenet is an example of a traditional cable company that has spread its wings to virtual reality experience sites in Belgium, the Netherlands and soon the UK. The potential of gaming was already recognized in 2018, because the Internet and television are no longer growing.

Koen Schobbers instead believes that gaming companies have the potential to grow into a major media player, “also because you can’t reach players through traditional marketing.”

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In any case, we will experience playing at home very differently from a technical point of view, promises Ton Koonen (Professor at TUe). “WiFi restriction hinders further development of games.”

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