Gasunie enhances gas supply security | Finance

The company said on Monday that concerns about gas supplies had risen following an explosion on a part of Ukraine’s gas network.

Russian gas supplier Gazprom announced on Monday that it was still sending gas to Ukraine. But concerns about the breakdown are growing with the rise of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

On Monday morning, Gasunie announced that it was severing “all idle ties” and ties with Russian companies such as Gazprom. As a partner, GasUnie holds 9% of the Nord Stream, blocking a second pipeline through Germany.

Extra storage

Germany refuses to grant permission. Gasunie’s CEO Han Fennema says he will suspend his work within the Nord Stream team.

Gasunie, which is responsible for everything related to gas and its trade with GasTerra, builds a new terminal for liquefied gas (LNG) storage in Brunsbüttel, Germany. They also need to import green hydrogen. Gasuni ‘hopes’ that construction could begin this year.

In order to increase the network’s low filling capacity, Europe imports a lot of LNG from the United States. Lots of storage for this gas is packed.

Gasunie says it is looking for more space in other storage facilities in consultation with the German and Dutch governments.

Gas East

In recent days, gas from the Russian pipeline at the Yamal junction has been flowing from west to east.

Gasunie plays a key role in the gas roundabout that the Netherlands has set up with its trading hub TTF.

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