Gavin Newsom survived the impeachment vote to remain governor of California

Governor Gavin Newsom at a news conference about the findings.AP . image

In California, attempts to subpoena almost every governor occur. In the western coastal state, voters are allowed to hold a referendum on replacing the governor, provided they can collect the signatures of 12 percent of former voters.

A Republican-backed petition to repeal Newsom garnered more than 1.6 million signatures in April, enough to force a referendum.

big majority

Preliminary results show that Newsom has the support of a large majority of voters who believe he should remain in office. Voters were also asked who should become governor if the majority voted against the establishment of Newsom.

This was the vote New York times Republican Larry Elder, a black conservative radio host and supporter of former President Donald Trump, won it by 43 percent.

Just as during the 2020 presidential election, many people voted by mail, which is a reason for Elder to express his concerns about potential ballot fraud before the polls close, after Trump. At the moment, as in 2020, there is no evidence for this.

Caitlyn Jenner

Reality character Caitlyn Jenner was also on the ballot, but she got relatively few votes. In addition to Elder and Jenner, about forty other people have applied, ranging from (former) politicians to YouTubers and a cannabis activist.

A famous previous raffle election took place in 2003, when Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger defeated Democratic Senator Gray Davis. Davis had just won his second term just a year ago.

Newsom became California’s governor in 2018, receiving more than 62 percent of the vote in that time. In recent weeks, Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden have campaigned in his favour. Newsom will run for a second term as governor in 2022.

According to experts, he will enter the elections after the vote of confidence is stronger than expected, thanks to his great victory. He is also estimated to have a piggy bank that raised $24 million in campaign money.

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