GB Australia uses deferral racing to change lanes around Albert Park

The circuit around Albert Park in Melbourne will change at several locations in the coming months. With the Australian Grand Prix postponed, it is time to make changes to this system. Among others, some curves and asphalt will be updated.

Australian G.P. It was announced in January that it would be postponed from March to November. Australians are using the delay to renovate the circuit around Albert Park. Andrew Westcott, boss of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, talks to the Australian media about the planned changes to the round SpeedCoff In Auto Action Revealed. Although there are smaller routes around South Melbourne Street, the system is planned Under Under Nevertheless many changes in circulation.

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Albert Park has been on the F1 calendar since 1996, with no real changes since then. The purpose of adjustments is to make it easier to overcome a task that is considered difficult. In addition, the organization hopes that teams will dare to experiment with alternative strategies. Racefans Developed an overview of the locations around which a mask can be obtained.

1 turn
The first corner of the Albert Park Street circuit is one of the best pre-round opportunities, due to the TRS zone somewhat ahead. Advertisers are considering widening this corner, which will make it easier to overtake and give drivers more space to avoid collisions in the beginning.

Turn 9. © Motorsport Images

Section 2 of 3
Between turns 6 and 13, the system is considering changes that will allow drivers to better follow, thus having 13 chances to overtake at the end of the third TRS zone. One of the proposed changes is the expansion of turn 6, the chicken with turns 9 and 10 can be removed to remove the braking zone.

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In turn, the system is considering a change to camper. Currently the camper negative (-2%) in this corner is being explored as to whether 5% can encourage a ‘bank’ to follow and / or overtake. In addition, the curve will be wider.

By widening the pit path, the maximum allowable speed in the pit path can be increased from 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. The organization hopes to develop strategic options that will allow teams to move away from a regular blocker in Australia.

Finally, a completely new asphalt layer is planned. The new surface will help teams to consider alternative strategies that will be harder on the tires.

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Albert Park. © Motorsport Images

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