GB News launched as new broadcaster, ‘truly a new voice for the British’

After the friendly introductions, some news topics were covered during the first broadcast. Black announcer mentioned Football players kneel in the European Championship The politics of elite icons, writer Wootton ran against possibility closure extension And Dewberry argued against cancel culture.

She told Neal of her motives: “There’s only one opinion accepted these days, and if you don’t stick to it, you have to disappear.” “I’m tired of it and so are our viewers.”

“Jane Fox News”

Neil, 72, had previously argued in an interview with Radio Times that Brits crave that sound. “If you close your eyes and listen to Sky or the BBC or even ITV News, you won’t know which one you have. Hopefully we can become more rebellious and bring the brewery back to life.”

According to him, the comparison with Fox News is flawed. According to him, that channel succumbed to false news, disinformation and conspiracy theorists. “All my life I’ve been a serious journalist who has targeted the entire political spectrum, so why would I get rid of that?”

Tim de Wit says of the comparison to Fox: “GB News was really portrayed as a strong press product from famous makers, but on the first night he was particularly opinionated. For example, Wootton took a vocal stand against lockdown and Nigel Farage was made too. …as a skeptic, without comparing the pros and cons. Then it was quickly linked to Fox, with Tucker Carlson first saying his word and then guests confirming that opinion. I wonder if that’s the line.”

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mixed reactions

The reactions on the first evening occurred in two camps. The left-wing Guardian newspaper described the night as deadly boring and expected the media experience to last only one year. The Independent wonders how many people will skip RT and Al Jazeera in the channel list to find GB News.

in a comment The newspaper argued Moreover, Neil and his followers are setting up a straw man: he is not as bad an adversary as he seems. “There are certainly some opinions that the mainstream media don’t care about, but that’s because they break laws, are on the verge of racism or are dangerous to health.”

However, the right-wing Daily Telegraph believes GB News could attract a neglected segment of viewers who will forgive teething problems on the first night. “Forget those cosmetic flaws, JB news speaks their language.”

De Wit wonders if GB News is really introducing a new sound. “Neil creates a bit of an atmosphere by talking about unheard opinions, but that’s a voice you can hear a lot here in the tabloids, the biggest newspaper in the country. Everyone can also express their opinions via social media these days.”

“I’ll definitely see what happens in a quiet moment. I’m curious to know if the British are sensitive to this way of making television.”

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