George Bennett shows off his favorite champion jersey

George Bennett shows off his favorite champion jersey

Sunday, March 7, 2021, at 13:32

Jumbo-Wisma would have wanted New Zealand road champion George Bennett to ride in this year’s special champion jersey, but the National Association stopped the design that was on the team’s mind. So the ride started in a modified jersey in Paris-Nice.

Jumbo-Wisma initially designed a jersey for Bennett, reminiscent of the outfit of the New Zealand rugby team. “It was a nice outfit, a place for New Zealand, an endorsement with All Blacks and a clear connection with Jumbo-Wisma,” the team manager wrote about the plug design. But the New Zealand Association disagreed.

Bennett explained the reason in a podcast. “They said: We’re afraid the jersey will mess with the national team. Why? If the national team starts in Giro de Italia? The champion jersey we have now is fine, but it’s not striking and cool,” New Zealand said.

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