George Floyd files the case of former police constable Suv to re-investigate the case

George Floyd, the lawyer for former U.S. agent Derek Suev, has called for a retrial for his client in the case. Last month, a 12-member arbitral tribunal found Suu Kyi guilty of felony criminal mischief.

According to attorney Eric Nelson, the court failed in many cases and the verdict was unsubstantiated because the arbitral tribunal was victimized by the media.

Nelson’s request to move the trial to another area was rejected by the judge due to the widespread media coverage of the case. So Suu Kyi did not have a fair trial, Nelson said.

According to him, the arbitral tribunal should be divided by the judge so as not to be affected by the media. Nelson is now asking the judge to finalize the arbitral award, which he says has been under pressure due to all the publicity.

Resistance wave

In Minneapolis in May last year, a 45-year-old black man arrested for stabbing George Floyd, 46, in the neck, later died in hospital. The arrested films sparked major protests against racism and police brutality in the United States and abroad.

The sentence will be announced by a judge next month. Suu Kyi could face up to 40 years in prison.

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