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George R.R. Martin has made great strides with his book in 2020 Winter windsPart VI out A song about snow and fireSeries. on him Our web site He announced that the date of his release would not be announced yet.

“I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of pages for that Winter winds In 2020. It’s the best year I’ve had since I started the book, “said the author of the book series where the series is Game of thrones Based on. “How did that happen? I don’t know. Maybe because of social isolation.”

Martin, who released the last new installment of the series in 2011, warns his fans Winter winds Far from finished. “I still have to write hundreds of pages to successfully finish the story. Hope I have 2021 for that.”

The writer no longer wants to mention the release date. “I won’t expect when it will be finished. Every time I do that, there are loafers on the Internet who see this as a promise and impatiently wait when they can confront me about missing the deadline. I just say now I have hope.”

Martin began writing the first book in the series in 1991. Game of thrones. This title was released five years later. The fifth part came in 2011 Dance with dragons Six years after his predecessor Feast for crows.

Writer who was also involved in making the series Game of thronesHe wants to close the book series with the seventh volume already titled Spring dream he have. The TV series ended in 2019 after eight seasons.

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