George Russell sees opportunities in Silverstone with updates: ‘Whether it makes us faster, we’ll see’

George Russell will drive his first British Grand Prix for Mercedes on Sunday and can’t wait. The 24-year-old English player expects Silverstone, like Barcelona, ​​to be a good fit for the W13 Championship.

Mercedes has opted for a big upgrade package for the weekend at the UK Grand Prix. With this, the team must take a step towards the two best teams, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. German formation wandering in some kind of no man’s land. The top is very fast, but the teams behind Mercedes were again very slow.


in conversation with Sky Sports F1 Russell explains how he goes into the weekend: “It gives us a lot of energy, and makes up the local audience. Silverstone is special for everyone, but especially for us.” The 24-year-old Englishman reveals that Mercedes still has something in store for the Grand Prix. “We still have some tricks left, but we’ll have to see if it really gets us faster,” he explains. The Mercedes man also points out that the porpoises, which the team have struggled with all year, will likely be less severe at Silverstone. “We had less problems with her in Barcelona. But the bottom of the car hit the track and then we were crashing because of that, something like that could happen here. But the performance is probably fine, we came from afar, but there might be her. More than that,” he continues.


Last week, the Formula 1 world was shaken by a statement made by Nelson Piquet in an interview conducted in November 2021. Russell, who is also the director of the GPDA Drivers’ Union, clarifies that the Brazilian’s statements do not belong in the sport. “As drivers, we have to use our platform to stand up to this. Fortunately, these two people don’t represent the entire motorsports community,” former Red Bull Jr. Guri Phipps Jr. included.

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