Gerjan is HAN’s Epke Zonderland, but as an entrepreneur

Giving Epke Zonderland extra space to combine his medical studies with an Olympic gold medal seems the most natural thing in the world, but it’s not so obvious to students who have an exceptional talent for entrepreneurship.

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Along with four other talents from HAN, Gerjan was awarded a so-called TOR status a few weeks ago. Status makes it possible to combine their studies with business activities. And that it involves more than an average side job, it becomes clear when we ask Gorgan when we can talk to him about it. “Then I’ll have to check my calendar.” He sees his first chance in a week and a half.

Together with two other students, who, like Gorgan, are pursuing a sports science program, he started an entrepreneurial activity. With their QR-fit company, they facilitate private exercise methods, which should stimulate exercise in public. Many municipalities and schools, as well as insurance companies and gyms are already in the customer base.

“I often have a lot of conversations with the big names of big companies or councilors, and they simply aren’t that flexible. As a result, I can’t take part in some of the lessons,” explains Gorgan. Now that he can tap into the top entrepreneur scheme, he’ll have extra space to allow these kinds of agreements to continue, for example. “This is how they want to stop you from stopping your studies.”

Much more than just a Chamber of Commerce number

The scheme isn’t new, but according to Karel Ridtijk, Entrepreneurship Project Leader at HAN, it hasn’t been used much yet. “If you compare it to the higher mathematical scheme, you will see that this scheme is used less for entrepreneurs. It’s not redundant, no.”

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But, says Rietdijk, the students have to do something about it. Not as: I have the Chamber of Commerce number, so I am an entrepreneur, so I get this status. of course no.”

Students must be able to demonstrate that they have a successful company, that they have more than one intention to continue with the company and must also go along with the internship. In addition to where and when, the program offers additional guidance to help students grow as entrepreneurs.

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