German parties have already begun to appear in the TV debate

Good program though Choose Germany. Live from the polls at 6 o’clock (which is Too close to call Actually in German?) Interviews with experts who were excited about each other about the meaning of the results and a smooth transition into the room where Armin Laschet expressed his disappointment about the result. Rightly focus attention on the most important foreign country in the Netherlands.

Too bad it was only on the radio. At the time, the Dutch public broadcaster offered television viewers a choice between: Studio SportAnd stage whitman employment #My bullying story. Great performances, but maybe they should have risked an uprising of angry sports fans and angry children and angry hooligans from Hayden and broadcast the current election. The staff was there: Jeroen Wollaars was already in Berlin for a private party news hourBut he was not allowed access to the channel until hours later.

old news

For example, there was plenty of time to watch “Berlin tour‘, the great controversy with the leaders of the main parties, in which the director chose the public view in such a way that only the right half of Susan Hennig-Welso (Die Linke) was visible and nothing at all was for Alice Weidel (AfD). . In the center of the table, CSU leader Marcus Soder is interviewed about the failure of CDU leader Laschet as a candidate for chancellor. Wouldn’t someone else be better? „This is the snow from yesterdaySoder said in a tone that revealed that he himself wanted to be the snowman of tomorrow.

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The discussion was as serious and practical as a test with different cases. was around force calculationMediators confirmed. Liberal Lindner suggested that Green Party leader Barbock speak first to see if they would like to work with the SPD or CDU/CSU – a smart bid to get the initiative. For a moment it looked as though more shaping counters would be made in an hour of German television debate than more than six months of high profile talk.

Overlooking Wernsturm In the middle of Berlin, Leroen and Wallers were finally allowed to air their broadcasts at 9:30 to start. He had German guests who were often fluent in Dutch, but the former reporter seemed to have the opportunity to speak a lot in German on Dutch TV. His guests interpreted the result smoothly. Journalist Anke Blattner eventually thought it was a defeat for the Greens. Germans believe that the climate is important, as well as their pensions. Their money is closer to them than Mother Earth.”

By bike

that news hourThe reporter went to Alexander Platz to ask people how they view the defeat of the Christian Democrats. Now this party in the capital is very small, so it took some time before a CDU voter was found at all. He was unaware of the polling day. „Well I see thatThe woman said submissively. The translator quickly translates this to “on that bike,” which gives you the impression that someone was trying 21st century cycling with a rickety professional shock.

Inside, Jeroen Wallars, a great lover of the few words asked: „Can Schulz notice?In one step, the dramatic state of digitization in Germany was discussed, as well as the fact that Merkel “has not been much reformed.”

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The viewer was efficiently updated, but under the surface you got the feeling that these guys could have spent an entire evening together. Now Wollaars had to say the inevitable sentence after half an hour: “Now we’re going to Hilversum. ”

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