Germany deplores the sanctions imposed on the Russian pipeline ship

Germany deplores the sanctions imposed on the Russian pipeline ship ANB

The German government deplores the sanctions announced by the United States against a Russian pipeline ship and its owner. The German Ministry of Economic Affairs announced this after being informed by the United States. The Fortuna vessel is involved in the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

It was not clear what exactly the punitive measures entailed. Germany recently allowed the resumption of the project to double the capacity of the existing Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea. However, the US government wants Europe to separate from its dependence on Russian gas, because the Russians thus have influence in Western Europe. Washington has repeatedly threatened to impose sanctions on companies involved in building the pipeline.

The Shell Oil and Gas Group is participating, among others, in Nord Stream 2, which is nearing completion. European countries such as Poland and Ukraine are also strongly opposed to the project. On the contrary, the German government says that the gas pipeline provides a direct and safe energy supply.

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