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Steel doors are a valuable addition to almost any interior design. So this type of interior door not only looks good in industrial and modern homes, but also with other types of homes. You can design a made-to-measure steel door, always matching your personal style. How does this work? Look for Solid bronze doorOr read it below!

Step 1: Door Type and Dimensions
The first step in designing a bronze steel door is choosing the type of door. You can choose from a pivot door, sliding door, hinged door, folding wall or fixed wall. So it depends on the type of room which type of door is suitable. If it’s for a small space like a hall, a single pivot or hinged door is probably the best choice. If the steel door is wide, you can choose the sliding door or the folding wall. You also indicate if you want a double or single door and what dimensions they should be.

Step 2: Packages and Lists
As a second step, you indicate how many packages and rolls you want in the door. Beams and rolls are the glass panels in the door itself. The fewer uprights and beams you choose, the larger these glass panels will be. For example, some people want a minimalist look with as few menus and packages as possible. Others want more panels in the door, so it’s really a matter of personal taste.

Step 3: Color and type of handle
The third step is to choose the color and type of handle. Steel doors can be painted in all RAL colours, including a number of bronze colours. Regarding the handles, you can choose, among other things, a round handle or a classic door handle. Not sure what shade of bronze and what kind of knob would look best with your home? Then you can always ask the supplier for advice. Because the doors are made to order and therefore a great investment, the suppliers also want you to be 100% satisfied with your choice. They are happy to help you with honest advice and are happy to listen to your wishes!

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Step 4: Request a quote
The fourth step is to request a quote. Of course you want to know how much it will all cost before you say yes. Requesting a quote is in most cases free and without obligation, so you can consider it and possibly compare it with other options. This way you make an informed choice and have a bronze steel door that will fit your home perfectly!

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