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It’s actually very simple: all you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can choose from both payment and Free VPN optionsTherefore, you do not have to incur any additional costs in addition to your Netflix subscription. How does that work, VPN?

Geoblokkade bypass

If you are signed in to Netflix from Spain, the streaming service can recognize your location. As a result, Netflix knows you have to watch the Spanish show. They want to know your location for broadcast rights.

Not all films and series can be broadcast everywhere, because agreements have been concluded with their maker as a result, and the offer differs between the Netherlands and Spain. For example, the rights to La Casa de Papel and Undercover were sold so this series is also showing in other countries.

However, if you try to watch another movie or series from Spain and only pay the Dutch broadcast rights, you will be subject to a geographical ban. Content is prohibited. In this case, you must bypass geoblocks with a VPN.

How it works

It might sound complicated, much like a VPN. But this is not so bad. If you follow these steps, you can watch Dutch series and movies on Netflix. And you can also use NPO Start, RTL XL, and Videoland again.

1. Select a VPN

VPNs come in all shapes and sizes. There is just no difference between how much you pay for a VPN subscription. They differ in terms of security, speed, and whether they are suitable for using broadcast services. So it is important to delve into it thoroughly.

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In particular, whether you can use the streaming service with it is important if you want to receive Dutch Netflix. Netflix is ​​not a fan of the people who use their service over a VPN connection. But yes, as a Dutch it is nice to be able to see something from your home country every now and then.

So Netflix is ​​trying to get to know VPN users. This works for some VPN providers, and users are still blocked if they try to bypass geoblocks. So make sure that this is not the case with the VPN you choose.

2. Connect to a Dutch server

Once you choose and install a VPN, you can connect to a Dutch server. This is important if you want to watch Dutch Netflix, because Netflix has to recognize you as a Dutch user.

If you choose a Dutch server, all internet traffic will pass through this additional server. Then each website or service you use as a Dutch user gets to know you. Since your site has been recognized as Dutch, you will receive the Dutch domain for streaming services.

Prefer to watch the US show from Netflix? This is also possible: connect to a server located in the United States.

3. Watch the Dutch series!

Have you ever contacted a Dutch server? Then it’s time to turn on Netflix and play your favorite Dutch movie or series! Enjoy Enjoy!

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