GGD Doctor: “Insurance Extension Chances Are High” | 1 Limburg

There is a good chance that the current lockdown in the Netherlands will be extended beyond January 19.

This says GGD Doctor and OMT Member Christian Hoebe on Monday L1mburg Central.

Too many infections
The current “hard lockdown” was announced until January 19. In the previous week, the Cabinet will announce the measures that will be implemented after that date. In Limburg, 383 were tested per 100,000 inhabitants last week. “We want to achieve less than 50 infections per 100,000 people,” Hubei says. “We probably won’t achieve that in two weeks.” “We are still far from that.” So the chance of easing the current measures is very slim.

Holidays effect
Next week is important, Hoebe says, because after that you can see the effect of Christmas and New Year’s on the number of infections. If people do not comply with the measures, the number of infections may rise again.

British boom has yet to emerge in Limburg
Hoebe has good news to report on the highly contagious British coronavirus variant. This has yet to be found in Limburg, only in Randstad. “We have about 650 samples that we are testing for this variant, but so far the highly contagious mutation from the UK has not been detected.”

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