GGDs are concerned about the fear of injections among young people

A relatively large number of young people were not vaccinated due to fear of injection. It suggests that GGDs are concerned about this AD. Therefore, additional guidance is now being provided to young people in the hope that they will be vaccinated.

“Now that mainly young people are being vaccinated, we see more injection concerns at our injection sites. We also see that dizziness is now more common,” Dr. Esther van Buffelon told the newspaper. He is the medical coordinator of GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid’s injection sites and looks after “several cases a day”.

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In addition to cases of fear of injection at vaccine sites, there is an encounter group of fear. GGDs are more concerned about this group. Van Buffelon: “There are those who are afraid of the needle and they will not make a thorny encounter. It is a great shame if fear prevents people who want to be vaccinated.

About 20 percent of adults have some form of injection fear, the GGT estimate. According to the two, this percentage is even higher among young people Scientific research From the experiences of GGDs.

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Author: Tom Johnson

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