Gia and Sebastian create an ‘alternative press conference’ for the mentally ill

Wash your hands, get vaccinated, and keep your distance above all else. Today, the Netherlands has been observing exactly one year of press conferences between outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and outgoing Minister de Jong. But for the intellectually disabled, they are often difficult to follow.

“For example, if Rutte says ‘wash your hands’, people will actually do it because not everyone understands fantasies equally,” says Iman de Vries. He is the project manager Hello Home. “Earlier this year, it was said, ‘We’ll start vaccinating in a week.’ Next week we get an audience wondering where they should be.

Philadelphia does the Healthcare Foundation Hello Home, You can follow it directly on YouTube and Twitch. Intellectually handicapped editors Gia Jonting and Sebastian Verweiz will answer all questions in a way that everyone can understand.

The livestream begins shortly after last night’s press conference. “Jia what did you think?” Sebastian asks. “It’s a bit like that, isn’t it?” Jia replied. “I know a few more people are allowed in the shops.”

Jondink and Verweiz go over all the topics and ask each other questions out loud: from the maximum number of people in stores to the question of whether or not you should be vaccinated. “If they can change it for each other, customers can understand it,” says De Vries. “They’re such a filter.”

Check out the live stream of Gia and Sebastian:

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