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Lale Gul talks to different parties about filming her book I’m going to live. Here’s what writer Gul said on WNL Op Saturday on NPO Radio 1.

There will be interest in a movie and a series. 24-year-old Lale Gül mentions parties such as NPO and Netflix.

The Amsterdam writer describes the fact that there will be an unusual series or movie.

“Globally, there is no series or movie for a main character who wears a hijab, has a non-Muslim girlfriend and does everything that is not allowed,” Lali Jul said. According to her, this is because the topic will be very controversial.

Gul is in talks with five interested parties. “I haven’t made a decision yet,” she says.

“I don’t know what would be the best form to pour my story into.” The writer also does not yet know if she wants to participate in the production.

I’m going to live It appeared earlier this year. Lale Gül has received much praise, but has also been criticized by conservative circles.

The book is about a young woman who breaks free from a strict Islamic environment. Lale Gül has been nominated for a Pim Fortuyn Award for her first novel.

Source: Dutch media

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