“Giga-family” de Kraantjes goes crazy with its own TV show: “Look forward to this” | Displays

The Kraan TV family can be seen again in the new series of the hit show folder house. The De Kraantjes – a very large family with nine children – moved from Boskoop to Luxembourg this spring.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” the family said on Instagram. It is not yet known in which program they will appear, but it is likely to have something to do with emigration to Luxembourg. They will soon be followed up with the Jelies, another large family that became known through the popular series.

In November, the family announced that it was going to emigrate to Luxembourg, where Father Ivan would become the director of one of the camps. The move was planned for March of this year, so they’d be ready for a fresh start on April 1, when camping season begins.

The green heart of Luxembourg

“Since last year we have been searching in Luxembourg and talking to camp owners,” Father Ivan explains. camping KronebergAnd Where the family eventually moved to the Internet as green heart of luxembourg, It corresponds to the place of origin of the family.

“We’re looking forward to it,” the family previously said via social media. “Nice location, beautiful place. A completely different life.”

The program will be broadcast by KRO-NCRV. It is not yet known when exactly it will appear on television.

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