Gina Carano wanted to ‘bring people together’ with the Jewish comparison Turns out

The comparison between inequality in today’s society and the Jewish community during World War II that Gina Carano threw onto social media at the start of this month, according to the actress, was aimed at “bringing people together.” She tells this in a conversation with Ben Shapiro published today.

Gina stated that the government made sure that their Jewish neighbors would hate them before the Nazis got involved. Jews were beaten in the street. The 38-year-old American was written among others, not by Nazi soldiers, but by their neighbors and even children. “What is there about hating someone because of their political affiliation?”

The post caused a lot of hype on social media and was also referring to Jenna the classroom In Lucasfilm Productions, known for the series, among other things The Mandalorian On Disney +, in which the actress appeared. A few weeks later, she returned to her controversial post, which was quickly deleted.

She said she was inspired by the “gentle nature of the Jewish people at the time” and found nothing controversial about it. “It was something I thought: Maybe we should be asking ourselves how this could happen.” Gina wanted to “bring people together,” but realized that it was “unfair” for the Jewish community to make the word Nazi.

You can hear all the news about the series on the Bingewatchers Podcast:

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