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Girl (15 years old) locked in a small space, mother and husband subjected to harsh prison sentences –

Girl (15 years old) locked in a small space, mother and husband subjected to harsh prison sentences -

At the beginning of October, a 15-year-old girl was locked up overnight in a pull-out sofa bed storage in her mother’s (38) and stepfather’s (30) apartment in De Panne.

On the left you see the girl’s mother © BB

On the left you see the girl’s mother © BB

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The girl was wanted by the police after her escape from an institution, but her mother and husband hid her. They were arrested that evening and only the next morning they confessed that the girl was still sitting on the sofa that turned into a bed. They face heavy prison sentences. “Your daughter’s death could have been on your conscience. The girl was panting.” The girl had already run away from the De Zandberg Foundation in Varsenare several times. According to the prosecution, her mother incited the girl to this because she did not agree to the juvenile judge’s ruling. He had ordered the girl to be deposited due to the poor condition of the house. On the evening of October 5, police raided her mother and husband’s apartment in De Panne, due to strong suspicions that she was staying there. However, there was nothing to find; Steve J. Christophe J. He was very rebellious, with kicks and blows to the police. He also tried to remove face masks. There was quite a buzz in the apartment, but to no avail. Both were taken to the police station, but the interrogation took much longer than Mickey L. And her husband. “In the morning they reluctantly had to admit that the daughter was still locked in the sofa that turned into a bed. They were alarmed. And the patrol came back immediately. At that point, the girl could barely escape from herself. However, it was close. Messages to her boyfriend appear. She could barely breathe. “Your daughter’s death could have been on your conscience, madam.” According to the statements of the mother and her husband, this was not the first time she had been hiding or had to hide there. And a ring attached, so that a room could be closed Storage inside to stay out of police clutches, however, the same girl could not open the sofa bed, which led to near-fatal consequences, “the prosecutor continued. 37 months in prison. 37 months in prison. He asked about the mother and 30 about the stepfather. Therefore, the Public Prosecution office demanded a more severe punishment for the mother, because as a mother, she bears more responsibility and must work for additional protection. She is being tried for “deporting minors whom the Juvenile Court has assigned to them.” The stepfather is being tried both as an accomplice in the crime and also for rebellion. The lawyer who took care of the girl’s rights as a private guardian demanded 750 euros for the girl. She was locked up like a dog. I also reported a lack of oxygen the previous times this happened. This could have ended really badly. The attorney said, “These are horrific facts.” Feeling guilty in the other’s shoes At the same time Christoph J. And Mick L. blames the other. The mother said, “I didn’t know anything about the sofa that turns into a bed.” The prosecutor did not believe it. The stepfather said he kept the girl in hiding or else he would go to prison. ”I thought she should stay. In the establishment because I didn’t want to get into trouble. However, she was with us anyway, so we hid it. If the police find it, they lock us up. Now, of course, it’s a lot worse. But she could really breathe, “it was his defense. The prosecution found the statement to be lacking in reality and awareness, and their lawyers tried to put the facts into context and demanded benefits in the form of suspension of community service or imprisonment with a delay in probation. He said,” Of course they should have immediately informed that the girl She was hiding there. ”

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