“Give yourself time and space to reflect on your leadership in your role and stage within the family business.”

Tholen – Following NextGen Masterclass lessons for successors in the family business, BDO will start the BDO Family Business Academy in 2022. “We have been increasingly asked if we also offer such courses to other target groups in the family business. Think, for example, of Generation The leader of the family business, who are ‘successors’ and are actually directors or owners. Or the transferees themselves, often the parents of the successors or external parties on the board of directors (management / RvA / RvC). After all, each target group has its own challenges. That’s why We started Family Business Academy with a training program with a designer who gave a presentation to the successive, pioneering, and transformative generation, as well as to their external managers,” says Rod Luce.

“NextGen Masterclasses, which we have organized at six locations in the country for potential successors within the family business, have been a huge success in recent years. It has been great to do this for this young and inquisitive target group, who often run the family business and already know its products and processes very well, But they haven’t learned much yet about many aspects of entrepreneurship. By being introduced to them, they gain valuable knowledge and are made to reflect on their own entrepreneurship and motivations,” says Rudd. “In addition, participants often indicated that in addition to the knowledge gained, they also experienced contacts with other participants as being the most valuable. They recognize others who are in a similar situation and have been able to attract and expand their network. As a BDO, we are also in A natural setting to ‘link’ them together, while also working on our relationship with this new generation.”

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‘Next year, we will continue this program with great enthusiasm with groups across the country. The successor is looking for knowledge and understanding of what is coming his way, for different options for organizing transportation, often also wondering: Do I really want it?’ And “Why?” At the same time, we also want to reach other target groups within the family business with the Academy. Leaders often face the challenge of developing a vision and including others in it. Topics like strategy, leadership, governance and stakeholder management are central to them. Finally, External managers find themselves in the midst of all these target groups and try to understand and influence them positively.Transfers are thinking about their financial planning, tax optimization, role change, let go and I hope we can also bring them to these sessions.Traditionally, this is a group that is less involved in training and development, while They have questions. This program also provides them with an opportunity to discuss this with colleagues.”

At Family Business Academy, BDO works with renowned partners. For example, the Rotterdam School of Management provides academic teachers for leadership training in family businesses. Governance University and Kienbaum contribute to the education of good management in the family business. Suite25 Asset Manager participates in the Seniors category, for Transfers in the family business. In addition, few entrepreneurs have their say, who, for example, have just completed the transition. Overall, we offer a diverse and exciting programme. I would say to all family businesses in the fruit, vegetable and horticultural sector: Give yourself time and space to reflect on your leadership in your role and stage of family business. I can guarantee that you will come out of this stronger..! “

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employment www.bdo.nl/familiebedrijvenacademie A full range of courses and courses are offered.

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