Glennis Grace almost became a coach this season The Voice

In the final episode of Jimmy Lee’s YouTube series “Kitchen Table Sessions,” Glennis Grace (42) talks freely about dating, her desire to have children and the chance to one day become a coach for The Voice of Holland. The latter was already close once …

“They went to Jean Smit”

“I was in the race this year,” Glennis said, and apparently she was surprised when Jimmy asked what she would do if the program asked her to train. This question was once asked: “I immediately said yes. Of course. It sounds crazy. Although in the end I had to think about it carefully.”

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“It takes a long time,” she laughs. “As a result, you hardly have time to do your own things. So yes, there has to be a good compensation in return.” “And … they choose Jean Smit.”

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However, she said she said “yes”, because: “There is a lot of talent. I’d love to see that and start. Then of course win with your candidate, that’s what we’re aiming for. Very cool.”

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Singer Jamie also tells about her dating life and her desire to have children. Because even though she’s no longer with Levi (26), she still has: “But I’m already 42 years old, so I don’t know if that still exists.” Glennes already has a son, Anthony, who is 14 years old.

Watch the full episode from Kitchen table sessions Here. A new one arrives every Thursday at 8 am, on Jamie Li’s YouTube channel.

In the video below, Glennes talks about the breakup with Levi.

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